Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Twisting in Garrucha Harbour

   Been back on the water with my Twist today.  Open water sea conditions, due to a run of days with fresh onshore winds, haven't been ideal for me lately, but I thought it would be nice and sheltered in Garrucha harbour  for a pootle around - and it was.

   There aren't any suitable places within the harbour to launch a kayak, so I started from a sheltered stretch of beach just outside the entrance.  The sun was just coming up as I parked on Garrucha seafront and unpacked.  An early start enabled me to get on the water by 8 o'clock - and off again before the sun was too hot.

0730h and the sun's up - just.
0800h and Garrucha beach is pretty deserted as I get onto the water. 
Also pretty deserted in the fishermen's part of the port,
Behind these boats is a covered area for drying and mending nets.
Maritime rescue vessel.
The commercial part of the port was busier.
   The Dutch cargo ship "Moezelborg" arrived while I was there.  I watched the tugs nudging her into a berth to load gypsum.  A variety of cargoes used to be shipped out of Garrucha, now it is almost wholly gypsum.  A constant stream of heavy lorries bring it to the dockside from a mine inland.

Space here for another ship.
Onwards to the pleasure craft marina.

Among all the plastic boats was just one traditional looking craft.
Heavy lifting rig to launch and recover very big boats.
Office of the Garrucha port authority.
Leaving the harbour and heading back to the beach.
0930h and a few people on the beach now.
Aquatic play area.
Looking back at the port of Garrucha - been and seen it all.