Thursday, 7 September 2017

'The Twist' goes to Mojácar.

  I made an early start yesterday morning and took my little inflatable kayak to Mojácar beach.  Some months back I had earmarked a likely looking sheltered spot for kayaking and wanted to give it a try,

 I arrived at approx. 0730h and the sun had just come up - as usual.

Despite the early hour there weren't many parking spaces available on the sea front.  I was lucky to find one within easy walking/carrying distance of this little haven.

I launched in the far corner of this bay, which has been created behind a rock and concrete mole. Getting on the water elsewhere would have been a little tricky, as swells, insignificant once away from the beach, were causing a nasty draw-back on a beach that shelves quite steeply at the waters edge.

Got onto the water about 0800h.  Far too early for a life-guard to be on duty up on that seat!

Those aren't rocks in the water - they are cork floats marking the limits of a 'no bathing' zone where hired play boats and kayaks are launched.

But nobody wants to hire craft this early in the day ..........

.......... nor make use of all those sunbeds.

In fact the beach was pretty deserted everywhere.

Open water with just a hint of a swell.

Feet up - enjoying the moment!

For the safety of bathers there is a 'no go' area for boats between these yellow buoys and the shore.  I don't know whether 'boats' includes kayaks and suchlike.

Back on the beach just after 0900h, as the day starts to heat up.

Temperatures are easing a little now that we are into September but it is still very uncomfortable being cinched up in a buoyancy aid for too long.  It's akin to wearing a zipped up, quilted, body warmer on a very hot day!

I am very grateful to whoever decided that building this mole, on an otherwise exposed bit of coastline, was a good idea.  It has created a nice sheltered spot for children to swim, and for kayaks, of course!

There is another sheltered, but smaller, bay on the other side of the spit of sand linking this mole with the shore.

A lonely kayak -and equally lonely looking sunshade has now appeared on the far beach.

Half an hour or so later, as I leave for home, the beach was getting busier.

This was a good spot for a nice quiet paddle around - but only if you get there early.

P.S.  A new page (My Fitting Out) has been added to this blog site.  And the 'My Kayaks' page has been updated.