Friday, 4 August 2017

The Second Outing of 'The Twist'.

   I took my Gumotex Twist inflatable kayak down to the coast early this morning.  A little beach, just outside the entrance to a small harbour at Villaricos, looked promising as a launching place.  Villaricos has two little harbours, one at each end of its seafront promenade.  I was by the southern one.

   The problem of carrying a camera and other bits of 'stuff' in this little kayak has been resolved  .......... bought a buoyancy-aid jacket which has pockets.  Here's a few photos from this mornings trip :-

Good morning world ........
........  it looks a nice place for a quiet paddle.
Early morning dippers (people, not birds).
Preparing to enter the harbour.
Going in.
Inside the harbour.
Fancy a trip in a glass-bottomed boat? 
About to leave the harbour.
Going out.
Open water
Dodging rocky outcrops.
And there are plenty of rocky outcrops to dodge around.
Heading back to the beach (that's our trusty little van all alone there).
Ready to pack it all away again.
This was a good place for a peaceful little bimble on the briny!
   In a few days time this bit of coast won't be so peaceful.  The 2017 Villaricos Dreambeach music festival starts soon.  As I drove away on the coast road, I saw the big stages going up along the shore, car parking being marked out, camping areas prepared and hundreds of porta-loos being unloaded.  Thousands of young people (mainly) will be soon be arriving for six days of dancing and jiggling to that chest-hurting beat of electronic music.  Bless 'em!