Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Beating the Heat

   The purchase of a lightweight, single-seat, inflatable kayak (see My Kayaks and My Kayaks Photo Gallery pages) has enabled me to get back on the water again for quiet paddles ........ just for short periods.

   Early yesterday morning I had a trial run with it.  Left home just before 7 o'clock and was on the water, on Garrucha sea-front, a few minutes past 8.  Unloading, inflating and carrying down to the water took about 15 minutes, which is a lot, lot quicker than with my folding kayak.  I was off the water and heading home again before the day got uncomfortably hot.

   On the water, despite its small size, the Twist performed well.  It was comfortable, rode reassuringly easily over swells and can turn on a sixpence.  It does yaw a bit when paddled hard, which is only to be expected of a kayak only 2.6 metres long (even shorter waterline length), but, with my quiet paddling ethos, that is inconsequential.  Although not a contender to my Valkure 1 folding kayak, the Twist looks as if it will be a fun craft for any opportunity of a quick paddle.

   Sorry there aren't any photos of the maiden voyage.  The Twist does not have a secure, dry cockpit like that of its predecessor.  Stowage of a camera needs a bit of thought.