Friday, 6 July 2018

A New Kid on the Block

   Today I took delivery of another inflatable kayak - a Gumotex Halibut.  I'd always thought that when the day came that I found it difficult getting in and out of my folding kayak, then the Halibut, with its raised seat and good stability would be the answer.  Well, I'm glad to say, that day hasn't come yet - but when I spotted the Halibut on special offer on the Francobordo (Madrid) website, I couldn't resist!  The discounted price was too good to miss.

   The Gumotex Halibut is really designed as a fishing kayak - but I think it will be excellent, and very versatile, for pottering around on quiet waters.  It's not going to replace either of my other kayaks.  My Neris Valkure - 1 folding kayak will still be used for longer distance paddling, and my Gumotex Twist has proved its worth for snatched opportunities, and a bit of fun, on the sea.

Anyway, here it is:-

   Won't even have to find somewhere to go ashore for a leg-stretch and to eat lunch with this one - the plywood flooring in front of the seat makes it possible to stand up - and there's even a handy little picnic table!

   If you go to there is a nice photo gallery of pictures of this kayak in use - for fishing, of course, but they do demonstrate the versatility of this particular Gumotex model.

   I have also put details of my Halibut on the My Kayaks page of this blog site.

Can't wait to try it out!