Friday, 8 June 2018

A Change is a-comin'

   Thick cloud hid the top of Jabalcón as I approached Embalse de Negratín yesterday morning and a light wind ruffled the surface of the water as I assembled my kayak at Playa de Freila.  A weather forecast of 0% chance of rain, with the light wind of the morning freshening in the afternoon, made Thursday the best looking day this week for a bit of a paddle.  This was to be my last paddle, for now, on this part of the reservoir.

   I launched at 9:50 am and set off along the Playa de Freila side of the reservoir towards the headland nearly opposite Playa Nudista.  I was extending a previous trip along this side to the limits of what is comfortably possible from this launching site.  Inlets for the first few kilometres were ignored as I'd already been into them.

A grey and hazy start, and Jablcón had its head in the clouds.

Further on a splash of colour, among the green vegetation and the various dull hues of rocks and stones, caught my attention.  The poppies have been magnificent in this area but it is unusual to see them so near the water.

Well on the way towards that headland - and the badlands on the opposite shore are getting greener .............

............ and greener.

Now getting near the headland which is my destination - but I spy an inlet that requires investigation before I finally reach it.

Coming out of the inlet again.  It was quite a large one, well worth a look.

Just past the headland and looking back down the reservoir.  The dam and Playa de Freila are way down there somewhere.  I've now paddled all round the edge of that area - and crossed it a few times.

Looking the opposite way is uncharted waters for me and my kayak.  Which means trying a different place to launch on my next visit.  Change is a-comin'.

Around midday, after crossing over to the Playa Nudista side for a while, I stopped here for refreshments.  I would have paddled for a while down the opposite shore but the wind freshened (as forecast) and, if it freshened much more, a return crossing might have been tricky later.

This lop-sided face watched me while I snacked!  Brings a whole new meaning to the term 'rock face'.

And this creature looked on!

Heading back and the clouds have now lifted from Jabalcón.

The wind did freshen considerably as I made my way back to Playa de Freila - and the clouds started to look threatening.  It was a head wind, so a bit of care and effort was needed to make good progress.  My plywood fore-deck came into its own - it's not a thing of beauty but it does effectively keep the sun, and on this occasion dollops of spray, off my lunch bag.

   All in all not a bad day for a last paddle on this part of the reservoir before moving to pastures new.  The weather behaved much as forecast (it never did rain), in fact the Spanish met office forecasts have always been pretty reliable for this area.

Time on the water 4 hrs. 10 mins.  Distance paddled 13½ kilometres.