Wednesday, 11 October 2017

'The Twist' returns to Villaricos

In August (blog post Fri. Aug. 4th.) I did a bit of pootling about in and around the small harbour at the southern end of Villaricos seafront.  This morning I returned to visit the other small harbour, at the northern end of the seafront - and, thanks to very calm conditions, paddle to a man-made 'island' way out from the promenade.  Because of cooler days now that we are into autumn, and the  darker mornings, this wasn't the usual sunrise start to a paddle on the sea - but I was on the water by about 9 o'clock.

The beach on Villaricos seafront is mainly stony and rocky, but there is a convenient little patch of sand (albeit dirty looking stuff) just outside the harbour entrance.  Getting on the water was easy there and I headed straight to the harbour for a nose around.
 Nearing the harbour entrance.

Inside the harbour ...........

.......... and heading out again.
Just clear of the harbour entrance.
Now heading to that 'island' (very black shape) near the horizon on the left.
Avoiding several obstacles along the way.
 A near submerged obstacle.
Getting close now.  It's actually a lot  further from the shore than it looks here.
Rounding the other side.  This 'island' is actually the remains of the outer end of a jetty where ships came and loaded iron ore when there was extensive mining in this part of Almeria.
Have rounded the 'island' and now heading back to my start point.

Back on my little sandy patch.

Ready to pack up and head for home after about 1½ hours of nice quiet paddling.